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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to introduce Fintime to you and trust that the information I present you with will be of great value to you and any of your clients, patients or employees.
For us, DEBT is personal. We’ve had our own terrible experiences with debt: we’ve been harassed by creditors, lived payslip-to-payslip, and worried about our families’ futures.
We were able to overcome these hurdles, and we want to use our extensive knowledge and experience to help you to do the same. We are passionate about helping people

The current economic situation in our country has placed more people under financial pressure with consistent hikes in fuel and food costs added to the alarming rise of all other products and services influenced by these factors.

Salaries no longer meet the basic monthly obligations and people find themselves in arrears with their mortgage, vehicle payments, credit cards and personal loans.
People create more debt to pay off other debts, taking out one loan to pay off other loans and eventually find themselves buried under heaps of never-ending accounts and depressing obligations. Many South Africans ultimately feel as though they will never recover financially from this vicious cycle of debt they have incurred. This feeling of hopelessness in the home tears families apart and ruins marriages and relationships that would otherwise never have been tarnished in the event that there could be a solution to manage this Debt effectively.
Fintime Consult specialises in Debt and Debt Counselling which is regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and renders the service to South Africans by utilising a specific legislation from which they benefit. Fintime Consult also Specialise in Sequestration and Liquidation
Debt-counselling allows people to keep what they own and worked for and promises an opportunity to a fresh start in the future.
In terms of the National Credit Act, people are given the opportunity to consult with a Debt-counsellor in the event that they feel that they are no longer able to meet their monthly obligations. Debt-counsellors are, and must, be registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and have the power to represent their client and negotiate terms of payments with financial organisations and credit providers on the client’s behalf. Debt Counsellors also has the right to help clients with budgets and to assist in the process of retrenchments.
Debt Counsellors are Debt Advisors and are there for you in all aspects and meaning of the word

Sequestration and Liquidation is so wrongly understood in the industry that we would like to explain all the benefits if we need to assist you in any of the two matters.
We have established strong relationships with credit providers and government bodies across the board. These relationships make it possible for us to negotiate the best possible restructuring payment plan for you.
We have a trusted legal team that assists us on every level with our Debt Counselling, Debt Advise, Sequestration and Liquidation and even assist our clients in Legal matters with the necessary advice.
I also believe that if you went through any one of these circumstances yourself and you know how it feels not to be in a position to provide you know how to handle the client and that you will have the best potion available for the client – all of us at Fintime knows this feeling so let us assist you and we have over 13 years of experience in this industry.
I, therefore, invite you, who finds themselves in the above situation to utilise this wonderful legislation. We, as Fintime, will explain each process and show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel – we handle each client discreetly and confidentially.

“it always seems impossible until it is done” – Nelson Mandela

You are welcome to contact us so that we can answer any questions you may have.
Remember with us you are not just a file!!!
Looking forward to our journey together

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